1. Ok, first of all there’s no need to bomb on eens. He simply asked a question, that’s it. Also eens, to confirm what the others have stated, listening to those types of conversations is not illegal, their dispatched publically and there’s apps that notify you when a county would dispatch police, fire and ambulence units and details why the call was placed.

  2. And now I can express it more clearly. So if those scanners can be found everywhere then criminals can easily get them.

  3. uh, no? you wouldn’t, because when I got this scanner, the people who worked at radio shak, rest in piece BTW, they didn’t ask for a document, so why would that matter? it aint against the law to have a police scanner, because if it was, police scanners wouldn’t exist today, and scanner apps wouldn’t even exist on the app store or google play store, anyways, yeah

  4. So why do drugs exist?
    I just asked and didn’t say it would definitely be illegal but thought you might need some document or something to be able to use it legally.

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