1. moderation please stop removing comments and just everyone be sivilized humans from now on please?

  2. Yes eens, you’ve got to be a blog owner to do this. Basically, go to the comment, press alt then go down until you find delete comment. And there ya have it, comment deleted!

  3. Hey, if we can remove blog comments then you should also be able to remove this one if you wish. So can we do that, and if yes, how?

  4. Ok, ferre, its clear that your stupid ass continues to make stupid comments. First of all, I’m gonna be removing both comments, the one with the homofobic sler and the one recently. I don’t care what you say about me, however I feel that it is important that we remove such comments that taint our blog enough, not like you haven’t done that already. I will not tolorate those types of comments, not at me nor not at others. And also, learn to spell.

  5. and look at you, making comments about being retarded, bro, can you like? stop before you get a message that will make you go crying to your mommy?

  6. Oh wow, is the little baby mad because he can’t handle the truth? You can call me stupid, but at least I know how to spell my words properly, learn spelling before you call others stupid. Also, what does it matter who your talking to, not like I ever personally cared who you talk to, mostly people like urh and blind techno, and someone who dates young children as an adult. Hey, give it some time and she’ll be advancing on you too, 12 year old immature unintellegent incompetent child.

  7. Ok. Is it clear this little twat wishes to have a problem? Let me explain a few things to you. Let’s take you to school for a second, because god knows you need it. First of all, you realize that sir charley was joking right? We really don’t hate each other, mayby if you were actually paying attention you would have noticed that. Also, your acting like a hipocrit now, because before you were saying, oh, oh guys im such a victem these guys are making fun of my spelling and being mean to me, and now look at you, doing the exact same thing. Grow up, man. Also, thirdly, you call yourself an adult? Please, if your an adult, then I’m the king of mother fucking england, because dear lord your nowhere near an adult, in intellegence nor maturity do you act like one. I’m sorry, however I don’t see adults making stupid adopted jokes, or getting troaled like little children on Teamtalk. In short dude, if you seriously want to fire shots, then at least have those shots be factual, not some stupid ramblings of some hipocritical immature child. Over and out.

  8. are you trying to throw shots fare?
    because if he sees your message, you know quite well your gonna get roasted like a fricking toast

  9. lmfaoooooooooooooooooooo, fuck off charles dickinson abraham jonathon fernando hamong hernandez. Also, curtice, I don’t believe you have much room to instruct people not to start fights, as that is practically your profession at this point.

  10. Thank you for respecting my wishes, really appreciated. This is the start of a beautiful friendship, I can tell.

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