1. If asking me, it still serves me well with its web browser and MP3 player. I have Minesweeper and possibly a couple of more CodeFactory games installed on it. The weird Nokia TTS is good to have fun with, and I have th Acapela voices for use with Mobile Speak so I do use it from time to time. And I have gigs of collections of apps and I still mess around with them and the OS itself every now and then.

  2. It was practical and easy to type on those Nokia phones. And their battery life was and is still amazing. I have a Nokia E72 that still impresses me.

  3. oh yeah guys, let me just plug this thing in over here because I can’t type +2265143332

  4. lmfao, for real. No one’s gonna plug a bluetooth keyboard into their phone just for some number input, the iphone keypad with voice over is easy on its own.

  5. So, like, Here is the thing for me. While landline handsets have become somewhat of an inconvenience relative to mobile phones. I’m still amaised about how landline phones manage to get a clearer sound. I believe this is because most phones apply noise reduction algorithms to the audio.

    While this is annoying to me, I understand why it is being done, but I am glad that technology like this is still appreciated today.

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