1. Yeah bro, I’ve got the eloquence file from ios, and put it on my mac, and it was so easy! Except for one thing, I don’t fucking have a mac!

  2. ahahahaha looool. THat comment was funny. Its so fuckin possible that everyone did it already! xd

  3. Could I take the Eloquence voice file from iOS 16 and somehow put it into macOS? Is that possible?

  4. i agree with enes, jus type the fucking website in here its not even hard to type on safari

  5. Too bad I can’t edit blog comments. So let me add that anyone who can’t type betaprofiles.com should already refrain from using an iPhone to mess around with things one most likely doesn’t know, such as trying to download a developer beta, not even a public beta, against which most users are advised.

  6. betaprofiles.com is not that difficult to type in Safari on the iPhone, right? One can just check the address here and enter it on his device. So one does not really have to open the link in Elten, nor can one do so, as you said, as one needs an iPhone to download the profile.

  7. I would have done so, but elten likes to be a pain in the sfincter when opening links, and plus, how was anyone going to open it with elten? you need an apple device

  8. Shut up kid! You were just telling people to text you and wait for you to share the profile with them privately rather than posting the website for everyone to know.

  9. Hey, just go to betaprofiles.com. I don’t really know why but you don’t have to have a developer account and pay $99 to get developer betas. Note that downloading beta software to your primary device is not recommended under any circumstances and I shall not be responsible for any software or hardware-related or psychological damage, including severe frustration and insanity.

  10. please check if there are any new Polish voices, there were Zosia, Krzysztof, and Ewa.
    or give me the profile.

  11. Someone mentioned that Eloquence is a part of Nuonce so that is what it could do with. Because they also added some other voices, such as Evan, Nathan and Zoe. It’s also not the best version of eloquence, just with some of the dictionaries. But it’s a beta. Also it is a bit too slow for me on rate 100.

  12. i already knew from gianni butt pipe organ, chello’s, bubbles; , and all the mac voices are gonna be on there, btw, some names will be changed

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