1. Hey guess what, now part of it is real. There is now Eloquence in iOS16. It is part of the Nuonce voices and is now in iOS.

  2. I know this isn’t real but I ‘m going to say this. If it was, he would probably be scrolling by dragging down on the screen, which would make sense. But the back button. He would be using a keyboard for that, because I’m pretty sure that you can press escape to go back.

  3. first.
    on an apple iPhone. when you select a voice, it goes.
    selected. voice_name. using x MB.
    in this recording’s case, it did not do that.
    you can’t go to english US, in lightning speed.
    and in this recording’s case, they did not hit the back button.
    and third, the audio sucks.

  4. there’s no way in absolute hell that shits real ahaha. blindgamer332… Text:
    lmfao I doubt that’s real, I’d totally use espeak with my phone for laughs
    2022-05-12 15:41:15

  5. also i really don’t like vocalizer, acapela and all that to much. I don’t see a reason why i’d need it

  6. i’d definitly use eloquence. Ava is ok, but i don’t like to much realistic voices, and also vocalizer on iOS 15 is laggy. O but i found something you failed at when editing. Instead of english, US. Hedding. You made it say english, US, hedding. With a comma instead of a perioud

  7. good editing skills you have there. I really need to say i would be so happy if this would be really possible

  8. Alright, check out my next post. I will post it in a couple of minutes. So making something like that is not that difficult but disappointing people is not good. So please show off your audio editing skills some other way.

  9. what the fuck?
    who would even use robotic voices when you can get vocalizer voices?

  10. not even on iOS 15. Probably he cut some stuff together. If yes, good job on that

  11. What? Did you jailbreak your iPhone or something? Is eSpeakNG available in other languages?

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