A rant of sorts

Hello there ladies and gentlemen, it is I, blindgamer332, with a little bit of a rant. So this differs from what I normally post, normally what I post is mostly joking stuff and not so much serious or based on real life shit not to mention I don’t talk about these topics very much, however, I feel the need to bring this up. Opinions are welcome. So, I recently became aware of something so incredibly disgusting. Apparently within a skype group, a fight broke out, something or another to be honest I’m really not that familiar with the details. However, one thing lead to another and someone decided to disrespect someone’s deceesed father and make fun of their death by covid19. Like, are you serious? That’s seriously not cool at all. So everyone gave him a fucktton of backlash for it, then he decides to try to justify it by saying that he couldn’t control his temper. What does that matter? If I were to do something like that and then say, oh, I can’t control when I get angry, it would look like the most pothetic thing I would have ever done. I’m saying this for a few reasons. Why must people resort to disrespect on that level, mention of family, and even shit like racism and other nonsense to prove a point or call someone out. I’d get it if someone was disrespecting another’s family and they fired back, but that wasn’t the case. Even still, this person’s father died recently, so for someone to make that comment is just ridiculous and disgusting. Anyways, I’m sorry I had to bring that up, as it may look like eI’m attempting to start something, but I’m really not. I’m trying to understand why someone in their right mind would say comments like that then think just because they have anger issues its justifyable. Anyways, hope you have a great day, or night or decade or what the fuck ever, blindgamer332 signing out.


  1. no I was talking to packyboy. fare is right for once, oh no someone kill me I agreed with him, I shall now proceed to stab myself, not.

  2. kids, just kids.
    next, I will have good month because we discovered something cool.

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