1. even if you get that clone thing out of the equation, tk is a netwaster. Everytime you update, you absolutely need to redownload like800mb of data or 700mb. Like, whyyy! Not to mention the lags and hags and crashes that happen

  2. Vehicles? And you drive them? So those TK’s are all multiplayer, right? Do they all have their own servers?

  3. You basically kill people on a map with different weapons, its an old concept that’s been modeled over and over by cloans such as this one.

  4. So what’s that TK and where’s the very first original version? Why is everyone cloning forks of their own? I know TK stands for The Killer but what’s the objective of the game?

  5. Life at the what? Now this is the very first time I’m hearing about that game. Let me check audiogames.net.

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