Slow clap folks; New author in town

Greetings folks. I’m Sir Charlie. I was added to this blog, for god knows what reason. Hopefully I can contribute to this blog in fun and interesting ways, and I might upload TTS stuff here, IDK. Anyways, thanks and do enjoy your day


  1. it’s nice to see you charlie,And fare,I’m sorry you have lost your password because of the email for the other acount, glad you have made a new one.

  2. hi there, nice to meet ya charlie, my accounts pass is lost so i had to make a new one. because my google account got removed

  3. LOL Pax. You ask someone to stop insulting you by insulting them back. Real nice and mature for a 21 year old.

  4. now who de fuck are you state your name. age. mentle health. country, social security number, email, phone, oh wait i am just trying to sign you up for a reward member thinggy lool

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