1. Precisely, admit your wrong, shut up about my parentage, and we can keep this moving. Got it? Good.

  2. Lmfaooooooooooooooooooooo ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah? So I make a joke and you respond with disrespecting my parentage? That’s not how that works dude.

  3. Bro are you trying to justify him making a joke about my parentage? I mean its not true but come the fuck on you don’t say bullshit like that.

  4. Huh, a diss I see. We play these games now, child? If we diss each other, does that mean I have the right to fire back and light your ass up like you deserve? Because if that’s the case I’ll be more than willing to do it for the audience to watch. It would be quite entertaining actually, making a laughingstock out of someone that makes one out of themself every day.

  5. it still offended me ferre, what the hell dude, did you want to offend me? me personally? even if it was a joke, I aint laughing, practicly no one is, so yeah, I’ll shut up now

  6. hahahahahahahahahahaha what the hahahahahahaha sorry but that made my night. Grow the hell up Mr. Ferre

  7. ferr, I didn’t think you’d have that side in you, you broke the forth wall, as michael from pokemon talk says

  8. Ok, I’m struggling to maintain my professionalism, but I will seriously light this kid the fuck up. You don’t know shit about my parentage. And if it was supposed to be a joke I’m not laughing.

  9. Yeah negro isn’t racist where I come from, its mainly used to describe blacks. In my family we’d use that as a sort of a joke, in certain situations that is. Also I say the n word because well, normally I wouldn’t just say it outright. Who am I worried about offending, myself? I’m black. But a lot of other things I agree with you. I think its frouned upon to say nigger because it has a lot of blood on it and its linked to slavery. Personally I think the word nigga is to recognize our independence and stuff however I can see your point. With regards to someone else using the word nigga I don’t care, so long as their not using it with a negative connotation. If your saying it just to say it, then get the hell on somewhere. Not you spacifically, however they’ll be people throwing it around like its there’s and using it ridiculously. I know some of them.

  10. So the word "nigger" just describes one’s skin color, albeit in a currently offensive manner, but is not offensive itself. So censoring the word itself is outright claiming that having black skin and expressing this fact are unacceptable and shameful. Also, even preventing people from saying "nigger" is something like saying, we built this port to trade slaves in the past and now we no longer let indigenous people use it as we want the past forgotten. Both the word and the port may have been used to oppress black people but now they should be able to make use of both. The port they should use as a sign of their independence, just as the word "nigger".

  11. Too bad we can’t edit blog posts. Let me add the following: I would truly appreciate that one not use the "N word" for one feels sincerely sorry and ashamed and does not really wish to offend blacks; but those spreading fake consciousness to not say "nigger", are doing that for the sake of political correctness rather than genuine empathy. And if they truly feel responsible even for the past, then it would actually be a nice reminder that everyone do use the word "nigger" to refer to blacks so as to never forget the history. One ought to face one’s mistakes and their consequences instead of avoiding and evading them if one is truly willing to apologize and compensate for them.

  12. Where I live negro isn’t viewed as offfensive or racist, just a way to describe black folks.

  13. Hey, this embarrassment is nonsense. I don’t want and have to face certain nations’ colonial past and present. Negro, nigger, niger or any other variant may simply be used to refer to or address a black person. None of these words necessarily had a pejorative connotation. Negro simply means black and what makes it derogative is the meanings associated with the word and black people, just like meaning "terrorist" when saying"Muslim" does. One may say black to offend a nigger or one may say nigger to a black person only to mean "dude". So what’s that? Do you curse when you say "nigger"? So I don’t really get why people call it "the N word" as if censoring an offensive word. Saying negro or nigger in and of itself is no different than saying blanco or branco instead of white.
    Two more points:
    1. Such symbolic things, like not even using the "N word", won’t make much of a difference as long as some people continue to offend and humiliate others. What it only does is unfortunately to enable some people to pretend to have apologized and paid for everything just by not using a certain word. If those people do feel so responsible even for the mistakes during the colonial era that they did not commit, than they should take action instead of perpetuating and reconstructing their condescending attitude by teaching us how to define ourselves as "members of disadvantaged communities" and demand more "inclusion", through the use of certain concepts and discourses. Postmodernists claim to challenge "socially-constructed" concepts and power relations, but they never admit that they construct concepts of their own and replace existing ones with those of theirs. LGBTIQ+ is a good example of that.
    2. If we’re now in the postmodern era and everyone can define himself/herself however one desires, then just let niggas refer to themselves as niggas. I know some do. So why are some people still setting the rules and telling me not to use a certain word because of how they have used it? I’m not responsible for their offending black people by calling them niggers!

  14. Anyways, this was fun, however I must go. It was a pleasure entertaining you audience members, because well, there’s no beef or anamosity between each other. Sir Charley and I decided that we wanted to have a little bit of a twitter war, and here we are now. Anyways, goodbye!

  15. Good point, however that argument bases entirely on whether your statement is correct. Which 1, its not, and 2, it is opinionated.

  16. I made the statement that the source was an idiot, then you later claimed the opinion as your own.

  17. Also, where was the mentioning of idiocy in that statement? Nowhere? Pretty much.

  18. I mean, if someone says something and someone else agrees with it, does that mean that the second person made the statement? Pretty shit logic, but whatever allows you to sleep at night.

  19. Very true point, however multiple people including yourself can attest that I am not antisocial. I’m not just gonna go talk to random people and be like, heya! How ya doing! Etc, however I have no issue with social interaction.

  20. Also, you proved that you made the statement about the N word being informal, thus you in verbatum called yourself an idiot, gracias El Boomer-Zoomer

  21. Being in the blind community is not a very good determinant of social integration, because we know allot of folks here, are anti-social

  22. Ok, let’s go through this statement by statement. Dirty? No, I take showers. Antisocial? No, else I wouldn’t be in this stupid blind community and talk to people. Emotionally unstable? I’d like to think not, afterall I’m not some sensative bastard hiding behind people and using shields, I can stand on my own. Zoomer? I mean cool, I was born in o4. Stubborn? I mean, when it comes to when people talk down to me I’m quick to correct them, but no, I will actually listen to people and not act like a fucking brat when constructive critisism comes my way. Old fart? If 17 means old, there are some adults in this community that should be making their will. I mean, are you just saying that because I carry a caine? Hello? I’m blind, bugger. Holds wisdom? Thank you for the complement. Halarious outdated views? I really want to know the views in question, it seriously interests me. Are you refering to the view I have about the informal version of the n word, that just because african americans made that out of the word that was always being used by their slave owners during slavery and turned that into a cultural symbol of endearment? Because I’m sure as up for debate as these views are, we can agree to disagree as we’ve done many times in the past. Now, we are finally done!

  23. You’re a fusion of the 2 worst things in existence; A dirty anti-social emotionally unstable zoomer+an old stubburn fart that may hold wisdom, but its over powered by their hilarious outdated views

  24. Oh, ok. So is that an insult? Your just alluding to the year range I was born. Like, what does that mean?

  25. Also you have not defined a zoomer. I’ve only used zoom for school, so I’m no zoomer.

  26. Please define boomer zoomer. I’ve only had to use zoom for school, it is not my fault!

  27. Um, I don’t know if you’re trying to get condescending with me or whatever, but I’m the wrong one to do that too, young one.

  28. you realize two things? One, that’s not a rocket launcher, that’s a sonic cannon. Also, the weapon doesn’t match the sound.

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