1. I definitely agree, however its unfair that these developers are being disrespected by individuals like these who have no idea the time and effort that goes into putting work into the mods themselves.

  2. I must say this, though. While it is awesome that GuideDev and similar developers are taking time out of their busy lives to create these mods so us blindies can play the respective games, it’s important to note that accessibility mods are not a panacea, and they never will be. They are a band aid at best, providing a temporary solution to a problem that will most certainly arise once again when an update to the mod’s respective game is released. A game gets updated, it’s respective accessibility mod dies and has to be updated so that it works again. Game gets updated, mod dies. Game gets updated, mod dies. Game gets updated, mod dies… and so on and so on. It’s a constant cat and mouse game that only results in excess stress being eventually placed upon the mod developer, not to mention the mod’s user base constantly hounding its developer to release a new version now now now now now!
    I have nothing but respect for these mod developers, but they really have no idea what they’re letting themselves in for. They are spending time that really shouldn’t have to be spent, time they could be devoting a lot more to their job/education. If a game or other program relies on outside sources to make it accessible, is it truly accessible?
    This essay is not meant to fire any shots, it is simply meant to be a means of conveying my opinion on a subject that is a hot topic amongst the blind community at this time.

  3. I mean, what?

    There are blind people who make fun of you for playing mainstream games now? I member the bad old days when people were periodically harassed for being a blink. Man, how the world changed. I guess TLOU 2 really made an impact.

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