I need sounds for TTS videos


so I’m going to be making more TTS videos

and I would like to know if anyone has any audio game sounds, maybe some sounds from TBR, or psycho strike

so if you guys have weapon sounds, message me please, thank you


  1. Hmm, wonder if those are even available for grabs? The audio game sounds such as psycho strike, I mean. Not to be like, oh i have the sounds im such good parson or none of that nonsense, just to view them.

  2. I’m looking for monsters, dragons, magic, lazers and otherjanky scifi wheppons. Can you manage those nikolai and rambo?

  3. Ok. PM me and I can assist you with sounds if you like. What are you looking for? Ffoly, foly footsteps, weapons? Impacts? UI? Music?

  4. I am going to say the same. You can’t use those sounds legally. However, I have made tunns and tunns of sounds I can send you.

  5. I mean, I won’t share audio game sounds. But I’m happy assisting you with sound design in general. PM me and we can work something out.

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