1. Also since when did you care about developers? All you ever do is bitch and wine about devs all the fucking time

  2. And I thought the most recent topic was painful. Patryk you’re 21, dude. Even if techboy is acting like a kid, he can because, uh? He is. You’re an adult

  3. hey alan, give me your cat. And please don’t insult people who make things accessible. Maybe you don’t like the game, but you shouldn’t insult the devs who helped make it accessible

  4. spam spam spam.
    k, remove me from admins list or I will ask someone else to do it.

  5. meow meow meow meowing ass hole assy assy fuck shit guide dev assy meow main streem fire burn harth stone.

  6. you are fucker.
    you even don’t know why I like hs because you are too stupid to play this.

  7. fuck you and your guide dev ass hole assy assy fuckity fuck fuck fuck greatfull job done shit fucking
    fuck fuck fire harthstone burn in hell.

  8. you ungrateful little bastard.
    guide dev do’es good work making it accessible for us.

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