my sibling is so stupid.

what I should do with this stupid thing?
It’s annoying.
I have "younger brother"
if someone did’nt saw, I used quotes.
I won’t respect it’s gender because, it’s stupid, always is rude, and don’t respect my gender too
I would even kill it if not the laf



  1. How difficult is it to respect the gender of others?
    Look, I identify myself as a cow.
    No, it’s not true xd.

  2. Yeah, didn’t get that one either. You also identify as a male on your contact card. But I assume you refer to what is widely called as non-binary when you say gender.

  3. I am sorry, but sometimes I get a bit angry on people that don’t really know english, I don’t know why.

  4. sorry, I must correct pax on how he writes things. First of all, your brother is a, he, not an, it. He isn’t a robot. Secondly, it’s didn’t see, not didn’t saw. Next, it’s not it’s friends, it’s his friends. And in some cases you should write him, not he. Like, I hate him. And what did you mean by kill not the laugh, what the…

  5. for example says that I can’t say anything when noone asked.
    next, he says that I’m stupid to it’s friends.

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