1. Well, I would love to try it out. By the way, games like A Blind Legend or the real old legend, Top Speed, could be called 3-D. But you now need additional software to make Top Speed actually 3-D, and A Blind Legend is free to play on an iPhone but paid to play on a computer. And things like this are quite annoying. You know what? I would defend my position without hesitation that things like the Vocalizer voices that you use for free on the iPhone but purchase to use on a computer, should be illegally used on a computer. Because I don’t have to pay for them only because I want to use the very same voices on a different operating system.

  2. I am talking about 3D. It actually does have realistic sounding audio, however some surroundings not really. But when someone comes across you from behind, or you move your camera so it’s behind you, it really sounds like it’s behind you. But if the camera goes up? Not really.

  3. Yeah, don’t want to post like a spammer but I assume you meant the latter and it could be the case. I don’t really know because I haven’t played StW for quite a while. Years that is.

  4. FPS’s are nice especially if realistic, but I’m bored of side scrollers and 2-D games! Why does no one make truly 3-D games with truly 3-D audio?

  5. Bro its not that I don’t have the skills to play rs. Its the overloading and rampantness of different cloans, including redspot, that make the game a peace of shit and not even worth playing.

  6. All right, wipster and polish pokeball placer, move your arses, 20 tickets. 10 for red, and 10 for blue tables. The first one needs, oh fuck, am I a good ramsay? No, i ain’t…

  7. So you think it’s even more than just a piece of shit, it’s a huge piece of shit! That means you’re one of my best buds. Loooooooooooooooool!

  8. Where do you get those bleeding sounds from? It’s more of some solid gore-like substance than running or squirting blood. Have a look at Rambo’s post and you’ll hear the same thing.

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