1. And a great laptop with 16 GB ram beats a laptop with less ram, but does not beat a desktop. The desktop sucks it’s ram and when it reaches 0, beat!

  2. No let’s not, you know he’ll get his ramsay power and throw lamb sauce at you if you do that, muhaha! Punch a techbox! He’s not a techboy, a techbox he is.

  3. Didn’t I fucking tellhlhlhlhlhlhlhlelhlhlhlhlhlhlhlelhlhllhlhlhlhlhlhlelhlhlhlhlhlhl you that i need ideas!

  4. Guys, I’m just saying this here, just to clarify I am one of the devs of the blog but I think I won’t be posting anything, really… Since I don’t have a fuggiest clue on what to paste! um, I mean post.

  5. What is it that is being kicked and punched? What is its blood comprised of? It almost sounds more like solid than fluid.

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