1. ahahah I like how in some segments of the audio he just pulls out the microsmg and just sprays bullets everywhere like a total badass

  2. Modern computers have become just like phones, just as modern smartphones have become minicomputers.
    I can’t be sure unless or until I try these instructions myself, but I suppose I got what I should do.
    But anyone with sufficient knowledge on these stuff please PM me. I have some questions regarding jailbreaking.

  3. Um, id I give you the right to use fucking hellhlhlhlhlhlhlhlhlelhlhlhlhlhlhlhlelhlhlhlhlhlhlelhlhlhlhlhl in your messages? Rofl, just kitting…

  4. wait what the fucking hellhlhlhlhlhlhlhlhlhlelhlhlhlhlhlhlhlhlehlhlhlhlhlhlhlhelhlhlhlhlhlhl. don’t plug the phone into the phone plug it into the computer!

  5. so basicly, you get ault server on your computer and get i cloud. then plug the phone into the phone. Then, you press the unlabled butten on the system tray. and install ault store sub menu. after that download an i p A file to the phone and then you press my apps
    press add
    click on the I P A
    and you are done

  6. Besides, I have not jailbroken any of my iPhones myself but I suppose this thing called App Cake is installed on jailbroken iPhones.

  7. Wait, I do know he said he hadn’t jailbroken his device. But Apple says that they have only one official and legitimate app store. So I just wanted to know what that ault store is.

  8. Well, since he said he didn’t (jailbreak) his device, that means you can. Actually, why the fuck is it called jailbreak in the first place!

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