1. Could you please shut the mother fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck up? Thanks. Now leave me alone you piece of cunting shit!

  2. No ya aren’t. I am the supreme fire overlord and god and divine. Speaking of fire this morning I had a dream of Gordon Ramsay cooking sausages for me, i know it’s off topic…

  3. Cheater cheater cheaters all day long. You have cheat engine, burn your mother fucking computer and your house! Oh, that’s my job.

  4. Lingelwap used hydro_pump on Charizard.
    Lingelwap has delt 10000000000 damage to Charizard.
    Charizard has bin defeated.

  5. Hey! You fucking retard! How dare you call me into it when you aren’t my master! Go away! Hey! Did I say get out? Yes! Now get the fuck outa here or face the fire breath!

  6. but, but, nononononononononononononononononononononononononoononononononn! Show me mercy, my lord of all fire pockyman!

  7. Well i have lots of chocolate in my house over here, yeah you see it, but I’ll not give it to you. Muhahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! OK sorry…

  8. Now I want chocolate, what have you done to my pour soul! Also I already said, this ain’t fucking food reviews! Disclaimer, I was only joking, not being a dick.

  9. This, my friends, is why you should not record the thing when on TT, elten, vantrillo, well fuck, I just wanted to say it because it just fell out like this, boom. And other platforms.

  10. With no other free alternatives that I know with equivalent compression and advanced options, it does not.

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