1. eens, simptor is a cunt, a racist entitled worthless asshole, and a ridiculous little sensative crybaby.

  2. Oh, the post; not the comment. See? This is what exams and assignments have done to me. Well, the post is funny though.

  3. You’ve never seen him type? You wouldn’t already see him even if you met him.
    Well, anyway, I got you. Just kidding. But every joke does have some truth to it, doesn’t it?
    So, haven’t you ever read any of his posts though? Just one of them should be enough.

  4. Hey Charizard, to you I was talking but I didn’t ask if you were with someone. I just ask what you thought about Simter, the winner of the Typo Championship?

  5. Hello. Welcome to another lesson. In this lesson, we will learn how to spell sauce correctly. So in order to achieve that, you type S, A, U, C, E. Got it? Yeah guys, in case you didn’t realise, I have a sickness, rage against people that spell stuff wrongly. Rooflfl.

  6. Man! You guys post so much stuff, when i don’t know what the fuck to post on here. Anyone, give me some ideas, pls…

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