1. Of course. Spam is the only word that can explain him saying fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckkkyyyooouuu, OK enough

  2. Because he is always, and I mean, always, running away in the desert! My friend, legolas is his user name, fought him and, look! He’s jumping, running, all to avoid a fight. That fucking coward who thinks he is really somethin’

  3. You are the one who needs to be fucked, darkdestroyer2. You fucking coward! Guys, sorry, but this guy is a fuckin’ coward when it comes to revenge of the undead.

  4. Just us clips? What kind american of are you? You american not! You indian are! Wait, why am I being weird. OK just because I am calm now, completely in fact, I’ll re-follow your blog. But I sware if you keep posting loud, childish, and those kinds of things, I’ll unfollow the blog permanently.

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