1. It’s a bloody hole when you don’t have a mic such as good as a blue yeti wait what? No no no I take it back! Ohmygod!

  2. Don’t you fucking dare to laugh your fucking ass off after my comment, OK what the actual, never mind…

  3. Hey! It’s not nothing, it must have taught you! God dam it son of a bitch piece of… Oh wait. Sorry… 20%

  4. Wo tecbhboy, eens was doing absolutely fucking nothing! Also lmfaoooooooooooooooooo jajsdlkfjsdlfjsdlkfjsdkfjsdlfsjfsjflsjfa!

  5. enes. if you won’t say anything good about my blog, I shall thro you into the voide of trash talkers. too late, throw.

  6. In deed, the mic suffered, but it suffered a lot. But your ears wouldn’t have suffered if you used volume, controll…

  7. Wait a sec, in which window did you do the thing. How come you pressed keys and nothing happened. By that I mean how didn’t you mess up your stuff

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