me, /suicide in real life
because life sucks.
every one at school is being a bitch because I am blind and it’s humiliating.
and, life just sucks in genral



  1. well then say it in your head, bitch suck my dick! or just wait til your 18 and then go around the whole block yelling, bitch suck my dick!

  2. you don’t, you yell, loud and clear so that the old lady selling sandwitches can here you, bitch suck my dick!

  3. How would you yell bitch suck my dick with changing the curse words into something else though, huh?

  4. don’t let that stuff get to you. people are going to hate no matter what you do, and that’s a fact. prove them wrong while yelling, bitch suck my dick!

  5. I thaught I was grounded today but my mom was being nice, for a change… and, I was thinking of jumping out the window before she told me I was not grounded

  6. You are the same as me techboy, I wanted to kill myself because of many many things I had to do at home, but still, you have to deal with life, I can’t just vannish it from me lol

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