I have a covid test today so that I can go to summer camp, but I guess it’s all for the best.


  1. i got mine the first knocked me for a wile and the second was not as bad but my brother forced me in to it he really pushed me in there and said you are gitting this so you can not get covid man mu

  2. Oh and there are three forms of eloquence laughter. There’s, hahahahahahahahahaha, and there’s, hajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaha. Oh and a not so commonly used form is ha ha ha ha. Just to let ya know.

  3. Actually! If I say lmfao, that means that I am laughing my fucking ass off. But if I say lyfao, that means I say that you are doing that same thing. Wait, why am I posting that here?

  4. Fucking hell! I can’t even spell bursurc or however it is spelled? Someone, teach me how to spell ‵vv100 bursurc! ‵vv90

  5. OK it seems like it was ‵vv0 funny ‵vv90 to all eloquence users. Wait, who muted the word ‵vv0 funny. ‵vv10 OK ‵vv20 something ‵vv30 is ‵vv50 seriously ‵vv70 wrong ‵vv80 here. ‵vv90 Wait, how am I back here and, OK can you please apologise, users?

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  7. Oh my fucking hellhlhlhlhlhlhlhlelhlhlhlhlhlelhlhlhlhlhlhlelhlhlhl! It’s vaccine you stupid Ramzi! OK, everyone who spells it like vaccien or vaccoon or harpoon is gonna be called a ramzi. Understood? No, OK fuck yourself. Why! Am! I being! A weird personhead?

  8. I am anti-vaccin, sorry people, tell the government to go fuck itself with that science is the best for everyone head ass shit.

  9. I hope you have corona, so you can stay in your home for your entire life full of misery! just kitting. I hope the results show that you’re good to go on the camp and here are only 4 more words that I have to say for myself. Darn it for me!

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