1. i have an iphone 8 plus planning to get the S E third gen soon after i am done with paying off this one with sprint yea

  2. Hve? Oh my fucking hellhlhlhlhlhlhlhlhlhlelhlhlhlhlhlhlhlelhlhlhlhlhlhlelhlhlhlhlhlhlhl! It’s have, you stupid computer!

  3. Hey! How dare you insult the might of commentary and it’s special capabilities! Did shine hve virtual screen? No! Did shine have, fuck, I don’t know, sound themes? That I don’t know. but it I still don’t think shine was something, because I did use it, you know.

  4. tb also sucks, yeah, shine+ was good when it was developed but sadly it’s gone gone gone fuckin gone.

  5. if google stops treating us like trash, and starts optimizing talkback, I will be a trillionaire.

  6. so stop throwing it.
    Iphones are nice.
    I have 1 and I like it so much.
    It’s SE 2 gen.

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